Kathleen Snell, aged 65, is innovative and enjoys learning new things. Kathleen started with the company in 2002 and she has said she dreams about it ever since. Kathleen describes her job at Shuttle Knit as a ‘Hobby’. Most of the year she focuses on Alpaca wool. She adores designing and specialises in embroidery. She gets excited when doing personalised and commercialised embroidery such as crests for school uniforms and sports clubs. She likes overcoming the challenges of embroidery and feels amazed when people wear her creations. Kathleen also is eager to help students on college placement.


‘Kathleen is my main stay and my go to person. She is solid as a rock. Kathleen’s loyalty to the company is beyond everything’.
A word from manager, Judy Davis.

‘Kathleen is exceptionally diligent, she has a great attention to detail, hard working and does everything with a willing attitude’.
A word from manger, Evelyn Murray.